The 2009 season was short for us at Main Spirit Racing. We started the season off at Waynesfield Motorsports park on 4/4 after being 3rd in points in 2008, we had planned on making another attempt at a top five in points.  That night ended well with a fourth place finish and hopes for a strong season there.  On 5/22 we headed out to Gas City with a tough field as always.  After making the show we had to pull off early with engine heat problems.  On that Saturday night we made our first trip to Lincoln Park Speedway and a very rough track and we were able to ride it out to a 9th place feature finish.  5/30 we headed back to Waynesfield and struggled to a 16th place feature finish.  On Friday 6/5 we rolled back into Gas City and had a strong heat race, and after an early feature spin from contact. We made a strong run back to 7th before we again had engine heat problems.  This gave us some real hope for the setup on the car and to be able to stay strong the rest the season.  On 6/19 we headed back to Gas City for the Mid Season Doubler and with a load of cars in the pits and a bad pill draw we were not able to make the feature.  That Saturday night we made our first trip to Vermilion County Speedway with a transfer thru the heat race we had looked to start mid pack on the quick track. But our engine heating problems and part failure bit us at the start of the feature. This has side lined the sprint car for 2009, but we hope to come back strong again for 10.

I was able to gain several starts in the Bookwalter #81 600cc micro as a test pilot, after shaking down some injection problems. We worked out a non-wing setup that began to show real promise