For last season the family made a huge jump into the world of sprint cars, even though they were looking for great things to happen everyone around the team knows that now more than every the driver has to do a lot of  learning. After getting the car built and ready late in the season (early June) we made our first trip out to a new track for us in Brownstown, Indiana for the first visit of sprinters to the track in over 25 years. Brownstown is a wide sweeping 3/8ís miler and stayed smooth and was a great place to get our feet wet, look for us back in 08í when possible. Two of the three tracks we visited this year were new to us in the sprinter as we made several trips to Gas City, Indiana and look to run there again in 2008. Another new track that hasnít been around to long was Waynesfield Motorsports Park in Waynesfield, Ohio. This was a place that after only a few visits I really fell in love with. Itís billed as a high banked 1/3 mile and wow can it be a quick place. We are really looking forward to heading back in 2008. 

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