With all the races in the books this season I thought I would look back at a few things from the season.  Mostly the tracks we raced at new and known. For the known tracks that we made return visits to with the 600 modified midget, which we sold after these races. We ran one race at a favorite place of mine Peru, IN or better known as Miami County Speedway a flat 1/6 mile dirt track that can really produce some great action for the 600's.  A new venue for me in the 600 was a brand new track at Lebanon, IN. I also had a new experience of running once winged and once with out the Hogg shed at Lebanon! This track with out the wing was a lot of fun. North Track Raceway is a very long 1/6 mile dirt track that has semi banked corners and reminds me very much of Paragon Speedway.  I really love the 600's and though we have moved up a couple of classes they are so much fun to run. I was able to make two starts at Paragon over the summer in the Pence Motor sports sprinter gaining some more valuable seat time and experience for next season.

Now to the known tracks that we attended with the Focus car, I'll start off with pavement. We made several visits to the very quick 1/4 mile high banked Anderson speedway to run in the Indiana regional and Midwest pavement series. The flat 1/4 on the front stretch of Kentucky speedway was also a track we revisited this summer I really enjoy that place but it is so difficult to pass. Another track that is difficult to pass on though, this summer we really ran well was Hawkeye Downs in Cedar Rapids, Iowa this semi flat 1/4 miles is the slickest pavement you could ever be on.  Heading to the pair of Ohio tracks, Kil-Kare Speedway in Xenia has to be one of the neatest tracks with nine to eleven corners depending on how you count. Columbus Motor speedway is probably one of the quickest tracks we run and this place is fun, wide and racy easy to pass. To my surprise that's all the pavement tracks we had experience at this summer, so moving to the new tracks.  At the top of this list is right up there with Kil-Kare on track character, Madison International Speedway we ran inside the 1/2 mile on a very neat 1/4 mile that was semi banked in parts and flat in others with a different layout then we have seen before. We ran three new Michigan tracks, the fastest of them being Berlin Motor speedway, and wow this place you really move tagged as a 7/16 mile and you barely lift!  Galesburg Motor speedway was a flat quarter mile that produced some great racing. Also, Dixie Motor Speedway as we ran on the 1/3 mile track that was tough for us to get a hold of.  Now moving to a pair of Indiana tracks that we experienced this summer the first one of which is the oldest in Indiana and that fact the U.S. and boy is it a interesting one, Mt. Lawn Speedway, right close to us in New Castle this egg shaped track gave me fits early in the spring, but after three trips there for Indiana regional series competition we started getting the car to work well.  South Bend motor speedway where I probably ran in front of the biggest crowd of the summer, and this 1/4 really reminds me of the likes of Paragon and Lebanon but paved.

On, to the dirt tracks we visited with the focus car this is a short list due to 3 rainouts and a cancellation.  Gas City, right close to home we had two outings and though I really like the 1/4 mile place we just don't seem to have the best of luck when needed (of course you always need good luck!). We visited four new tracks 3 of which I walked away wining at. I-96 speedway in Michigan was a semi banked quarter mile that with the right setup was a super neat place.  Butler Battlegrounds was another track that was very quick 3/8's banked, with very long straights.  Kankakee, IL was a very heavy and big 1/4 mile fairgrounds track that we had success at.  A second place finish at the Mississippi Valley fair grounds 1/4 mile dirt track on that night which was hard and slick.  We've covered a lot of new ground and a bunch of miles on the truck this summer.  Dad and I have learned allot more about the car, and tracks, with racing you never really stop learning. We were able to have fun all summer though some trips home were quite at times. We might complain about the miles traveled but in my eyes the best way to learn and improve your game, is to go to a new track.  Right out of the gate you’re learning and working hard to stay up with the regulars.  With making visits to eleven new tracks to say the least we learned a lot.


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