#03m Ford Focus Midget 
Owner: Lou Morgan Selma, IN 
Chassis 1998 Stealth combo car with a 2.0 Liter Ford Focus prepped by  
SCREAM pushing around 180 horses weighing in at 1145lbs with driver 
#3m Midget Car
Owner: Lou Morgan Selma, IN

Chassis 2005 Spike dirt car with a 166 cubic inch Chevy four cylinder pumping out close to 300 horsepower weighing in near 950lbs with driver

#2w Sprint Car  
Owners: Brook and Wayne Pence Parker City, IN 
Chassis 2004 Twister with a 410 cubic inch Chevy V-8 pushing around 800 horses  
weighing in at 1200lbs with driver

#74 Sprint Car
Owners: Glen and Ginny Main
Chassis 2005 Chalk with a 410 cubic inch small block Chevy V-8 pushing close to 800 horses and weighing near 1200lbs with driver

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